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**Price update effective January 1, 2022**

All cupcakes availabe for purchase daily are $3.50 each

All Gluten Free cupcakes available for purchase daily are $4.50 each

Dog Friendly Cupcakes $3.00 each

Cupcakes made to order, are also $3.50 each **may increase if detailed fondant toppers are created for the cupcakes**


Cake pricing varies depending on the final product. No 2 cakes are the same! 

All cakes start at $4.00 per serving. 

Gluten Free cakes start at $5 per serving. 

Additional costs may incur depending on the following elements; 

if a filling is added, if the cake is covered fully in fondant, or what the fondant decorations entail, if any non edible elements need to be purchased for the cake such as ribbon, etc.

Please come by the shop, call, email, or facebook message Kathryn for ordering details.